The "Malawi 500", is our way of establishing sustained and reliable financing for the core operating needs of the Diocese of Northern Malawi. This will pay the normal expenses of the diocese.

The parishes in the Diocese of Northern Malawi have yearly diocesan assessments just as we do. The difference is that Malawi is the thirdpoorest nation in the world. So what may appear as a small assessment to us is a major financial commitment for the people of Malawi to meet in each of the churches. The sacrifices families make to financially support their church go way beyond what we struggle with when we are asked to make that yearly pledge.

The entire Diocese operates on a mnimum budget of $20,000 a month. Many of us may be surprised to find out that this is less than what our individual church budgets are.

The amazing thing about taking on this financial responsibililty is that God will not let us shoulder a burden that we cannot bear. By sharing this mission ministry with many families – the Malawi 500 – we become part of a larger family that can make a huge difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Know that they, in the Diocese of Northern Malawi, pray for us and for God's will to be done within our diocese and national church. Open your heart and pray on a continuous basis for their mission work; the Northern Malawi church family, Bishop Magangani, the priests and lay people; the people of Malawi; and if possible, make a pledge of sustained financial support. God has raised up Bishop Magangani to be our instrument for spreading His word to the people who live in our companion diocese, comforting them in need, and equipping them for ministry.

To make the Malawi 500 pledge fill out a card, or use the on-line form. Follow up by sending in your check or completed credit card form to the Diocese of Fort Worth.

The need is great. The work that the Diocese of Northern Malawi is doing is meaningful and effective. They are on the front line doing God's work. What is holding you back from joining in this effort and making that pledge?

Please make your check payable to the "Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth," with "Malawi 500" in the memo line. Send it to the diocesan office at 2900 Alemeda, Ft. Worth, TX 76108. Your gift is taxdeductible and will be acknowledged on a quarterly basis.

 Printable Forms
Here are the forms in Adobe Acrobat format suitable for printing.

For more information on the Malawi 500 project please contact...
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