It's about God's children ... La Gran Familia is an orphanage ministering to abandoned and impoverished children who have been living in the hills and on the streets of Cuauhtemoc. These children lived in desperate and deplorable conditions. Many had been "thrown away" ... most had no hope. Now, they are healthy, thriving children who have a lovely home and a family who love and support each other.  It was started in 1998 and operated by Fr. Greg David-Spinks, until his untimely death on October 7, 2001.

Fr. Greg's legacy of faith and love is carried on by Goretty Lerma, a teacher and assistant to Fr. Greg from the beginning of his ministry. Goretty is the primary caretaker of the children as director of La Gran Familia. She served on the vestry and is instrumental in the development of the church at Cristo Rey. She shared Fr. Greg's vision for the abandoned children from the beginning and has endured much persecution because of her involvement with the church.

She is the head of a primary school special education program that helps handicapped children who have Down's Syndrome, are developmentally delayed or have drug or alcohol related problems. She is struggling to do much with very few resources.

She is also coping with her own family and torn by the amount of time spent away from them. She feels pulled in so many directions. Goretty feels  all the guilt associated with attempting to do what God is asking of her and still meet the needs of her family.

Pray for Goretty that God will pour all his blessings upon her. That she may feel refreshed and renewed in spirit and body so that she can do His work. That God will give her wisdom as she continues to build His work with La Gran Familia.

The community has been very responsive to the church helping these children. Through the grace of God, the women of our Diocese raised $36,000, for the purchase and build-out of a facility to house the children in May 2001. This main house is now used for the boys with a capacity to house approximately 39 children. 

The girls are now moved into their new home. This new 3 bedroom home was recently purchased and is located two lots away from the boys home. With this new expanded space more girls have been accepted into the LGF family and additional staff have been added.

The extended Gran Familia

In addition to the children that are living on premise the staff is taking care of Hexael, a 6 year old boy. A neighborhood child whose mother works all day and was leaving Hexael home alone. A very pleasant child. Now he is supervised, plays, eats and studies during the day at La Gran Familia.

Ignacio (Nacho) and Efraim are bedridden and suffer seizures due to physical abuse. Their grandmother is paid to stay home and care for these boys.

Please keep Pablo, Efraim and Nacho, Alvaro, Ana, Pedro, Javi Taco, and the children of LGF helpers Irma, Josefina and Chela in your prayers.

 Operating Expense

It takes approximately $5,000 per month to support this ministry.

Through a process of prayerful consideration we have accepted the financial commitment to support operating expenses of La Gran Familia

Financial contributions from you made with the designation of La Gran Familia are placed in the LGF operation fund from which we send $1000 a month to the fiduciary trustee.

We invite you to become a part of this family of love.


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