Intercessory Prayer is the most powerful tool and an essential part of World Missions. Your prayers are needed.



Please include the following mission prayers in your daily communication with God.


For the WMC that we will be a committee that continually prays together and studies together so that we will be able to discern God's will for us as we help lead our diocese into mission.

For all Christians being persecuted for their faith, that the Lord will bless their suffering and show us how we as a diocese may respond to their need.
For Bishop Magangani and Diocese of Northern Malawi as they meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Malawi.
For Bishop Iker as he discerns the spiritual and mission needs of this diocese.
For Health... There are many dangers to health through food, poor sanitation and disease. It is not God's will that illness threaten the mission field. See [Deut 7:15], [Ps 97:10], [Jn10:10b].
For Protection in Travel... There is danger in traveling on narrow, unpaved roads, over mountains, and in bad weather. See [Is 43:2].
For Unity... Differences arise among missionaries, especially team ministries in isolated situations. See [Ps 133].
For Protection of Spirit... Discouragement, a sense of failure, and a sense of being out of the will of the Lord are weapons used by the enemy. See [Deut 31:6], [Matt 18:18], [James 4:7], [1Peter 5:8-9].
For Protection of Mind... Climate, cultural differences and loneliness, contribute to a breakdown of normal reasoning. The missionary needs to claim the Lord's peace promised in scripture. See [Ps 42:11], [Ps 147:3], [John 14:27], [Heb 4:9-11].
For the growing involvement of young people seeking to serve the Lord through mission.



The diocese maintains an intercessory prayer list for mission teams and other events in diocesan life.
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