The title of this partnership program, Northern Malawi Centurions "...suggests strength, support, warriors...that each parish might be a part of a strong chain of prayer and support." - Bishop Christopher Boyle

"Our Companion Diocese relationships have been a rich blessing to us in Fort Worth and it has helped energize us to be a missionary diocese. This new linking through the Centurion Project will help unite us and allow us to support and encourage our brother priests who serve there under very trying circumstances. In this way, we are a very real part of each others daily ministries." - Bishop Jack Iker

This program was created to encourage the development of parish/clergy to parish/clergy relationships within our Companion Diocese framework. It offers a wonderful opportunity to build lasting relationships between the churches and people of both dioceses. The exchanging of correspondence between you and your Centurion promises to add to our love and understanding of each other.

In addition it allows sharing our financial support in underwriting the monthly stipend for the clergy and catechist.

Since 2001 when this partnership program began many of you have experienced God's blessing by participating.

"What we have together is so much more than the fellowship of everyday life. We have Christian fellowship, by which we share, support, and pray for one another in Christ. We are together in Christian solidarity and service. This grater fellowship is such that in Malawi my brothers, sisters, and I truly know that we are not alone in our service of the Lord, but sharing in Christian fellowship with you who also share in the service of the Lord here." - Bishop Boyle

The World Mission Committee encourages parishes to consider becoming a part of this partnership.

Download and print your Parish poster here.

 Operating Expense

It takes approximately $5,000 per month to support this ministry.

Through a process of prayerful consideration we have accepted the financial commitment to support operating expenses of La Gran Familia

Financial contributions from you made with the designation of La Gran Familia are placed in the LGF operation fund from which we send $1000 a month to the fiduciary trustee.

We invite you to become a part of this family of love.


For more information about La Gran Familia please contact...
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